Tooliedotter Press LLC, founded in 2003, is an independent consulting and publishing company with an eclectic mix of products and subject matter. We publish electronically to meet the demands of today's digital lifestyle.

Media Interviews and Subject Matter Expertise

Our publisher, Jocelyn 'Toolie®' Garner, is available for media interviews, writing articles, and/or speaking engagements. Visit Toolie's Subject Matter Expertise page at You can also reach her by calling 1-877-4TOOLIE (877-486-6543) or by clicking the Talk to Toolie button below. 

Thought Leadership

Toolie publishes her thought leadership articles on remote and hybrid work at

Podcast Guest

Toolie is an expert at remote leadership advisory consulting, how the pandemic has changed remote working, and retraining executives and managers to lead a remote workforce. Visit Toolie's Media Room to learn how to include Toolie in your podcast.